You Would Love it Here

by Julie Byrne

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SM 023: Julie Byrne “You Would Love it Here”

Art by Thea Kegler | Recorded by Jake Acosta

limited to 90 copies // OUT OF PRINT

"Rather unusual sounds coming from our beloved Solid Melts imprint this time, some delicately calm folk transmissions by Chicago artist Julie Byrne. The intimate, fragile song “Young Wife”, taken from the artist’s forthcoming cassette You Would Love It Here, beautifully reconfirms that all it needs is a velvet voice and a gently plucked acoustic guitar to leave us awestruck and happy."
-No Fear of Pop

"Many words come to mind while listening to You Would Love It Here, but earnest and restrained seem to stick the most. The strong vocals, which you might rightfully assume would be pushed up front and center, instead opt to hang back to form a playful and close knit relationship both with the gently plucked guitar tones. as well as, it seems, the sound of the room(s?) the tracks were recorded in. This tight control of vocal inflection, combined with a strong narrative and a frequent direct-address style of songwriting, is extremely evocative and affective. The subjects of the songs are as much relational as they are pastoral, though in that charmingly urban way in which everything natural gains a unique, almost mystical significance."
-Impose Magazine


released February 17, 2012

Julie Byrne



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